Easy Summer Hairstyles

Don’t be a hot mess this summer, keep your cool with these seven super-easy summer hairstyles that’ll withstand an Aussie summer in the sun!

1| Side Ponytail

Fashion comes and goes…and comes back again. This summer it’s a resurgence of the 80s side pony, and if Beyoncé can pull off this updo, so too can you!

Wear it slicked back, tied high with a scrunchie and you’re pool party ready. Gather a loose, low side ponytail for a cocktail party, or embrace a dishevelled boho side pony for a day at the beach and adorn with a ribbon for an effortlessly chic updo. The high ponytail possibilities are endless!

7 Easy and Cute Summer Hairstyles for 2019 | Side Ponytail | Price Attack

To create a side ponytail, create a deep side part, then sweep all your hair to the opposite side and gather it into either a low or high ponytail and tie.

2| Bubble Braids

Although not technically a braid, the bubble braid is the easiest braid to perfect. The bubble braid is simply a string of evenly placed fluffed out ponytails.

Go big with a bubble braid faux hawk, it’s the ideal summer updo for festival days, just add glitter. Or double up, good things come in pairs, and go with bubble braided ponytails - throw on a play suit and your summer date night ready.

7 Easy and Cute Summer Hairstyles for 2019 | Bubble Braid | Price Attack

Super easy to do, just divide hair and tie even sections with elastics, fluffing the sections up as you go. Use plain ties, or jazz it up with scrunchies or ribbon.

3| Bob Haircut

Textured or straight, the bob haircut is the cut of Spring/ Summer 2019. The latest celeb to step out of the salon with this season’s look is Kaia Gerber, who joins Bella Hadid and Nicole Scherzinger in the bob mob.

7 Easy and Cute Summer Hairstyles for 2019 | Bob Haircut | Price Attack

The highlight of the bob haircut is that it lends a youthful glow. Pair that with sun kissed freckles and you’ll feel 17 again!

4| Headbands

Hot trend alert, the humble headband is this summer’s must-have hair accessory. Making their comeback debut on the European Spring runway, the headband provides style in an instant when all you can do is melt.

As the temperature rises, appear put together this summer with a headband. Go subtle with a simple velvet, satin or knotted headband or turn your summer style up a notch with a studded, beaded or jewel embellished headband. Alternatively, level up with a lux padded “hat band”.

7 Easy and Cute Summer Hairstyles for 2019 | Headband | Price Attack

You can wear a headband with pretty much any hairstyle. Over slicked back hair, on tousled waves, or even to hide day-three hair.

5| Top Knots

On days when the summer heat coils around your body, and perspiration runs rivulets down your neck, the top knot will take your look from bleak to chic! It’s the top go-to summer hairstyle.

Create a voluminous top knot by using wax spray and backcombing your ponytail before wrapping it up or give it more vigour by adding a braid from the nape of your neck to your crown before securing the remaining hair up.

7 Easy and Cute Summer Hairstyles for 2019 | Top Knot | Price Attack

Whether it’s a perfectly styled fly-away free top knot or a haphazard “chuck it up” casual kind of messy bun, the top knot is anything but basic.

6| Space Buns

Step aside elegant ballerina bun, modish space buns are here to succour the endless summer! An adoption of an iconic hairstyle, space buns, or double buns, are the festival hairstyle of choice. They’re laid back, cool and carefree.

Inspired by our favourite galactic princess, Princess Leia, space buns are a lifesaver when your dancing from dawn to dusk. Fans of the double bun include Millie Bobby Brown, Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus.

7 Easy and Cute Summer Hairstyles for 2019 | Space Buns | Price Attack

Add another dimension to your space bun by creating a zig-zag part, or add a couple of braids to half-up, half-down space buns. Then when you think it’s done add glitter!

7| Lilac Hair

As the decade draws to an end, we bid adieu to pastel pink and say allo allo allo to lilac hair. Another shade of pastel, this time with silvery tones, the lilac hair colour trend is easy to wear on both light and dark hair.

The secret to maintaining any colour in your hair is to apply a hydrating mask a week before colouring your hair, and to use a shampoo and conditioner formulated to protect high maintenance colours and extend colour vibrancy.

7 Easy and Cute Summer Hairstyles for 2019 | Lilac Hair | Price Attack

The colour purple combines the calmness of cool blue and high energy red, instantly uplifting the spirits. It’s the ideal shade for summer. 

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