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Hair Treatments


Discover the best range of hair treatments products from your favourite brands to help protect, nourish, restore, repair and make your hair stronger than ever before. Home hair treatments are easy to use, so you can see great results without the hassle.

What is a keratin hair treatment or hair mask?

Keratin is a natural protein found in your hair, vital for strengthening your strands and increasing overall softness and shine. As keratin protein levels diminish because of chemical colouring, heat styling and lifestyle, introducing a keratin hair treatment or keratin mask into your routine is perfect to replenish and restore your locks.

While keratin masks and keratin treatments will not permanently repair damaged, dry or fragile hair they are an easy alternative to quickly reduce frizz, strengthen and make your hair extra glossy. A keratin smoothing treatment is a heavy-duty alternative available in salon that can last up to six-months and are recommended for anyone looking to smooth frizz or curls. Prefer a quicker alternative? Try a keratin hair mask 2 to 3 times a week for glossy, luscious hair. Find out more about keratin treatments and how you can restore damaged hair here.

How to use a hair treatment or mask?

As a blanket rule, hair masks are most effective when applied to clean, freshly dried hair. However, those using an oil-based hair mask (for example, an argan oil mask) will experience the most benefits when applied to completely dry hair.

To apply a hair mask, start with damp hair and spread the product evenly throughout, working it through piece by piece. To ensure the hair mask is evenly distributed, continually comb your fingers through your hair and massage the product from the roots to the tips. Looking to seriously treat your hair? Leave the mask on prescribed time before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm or cool water. For an oomph, wrap your head with a warm towel for at least 10 minutes to enhance the hair mask’s overall effectiveness (hello, extra shiny hair!).

There are lots of hair treatments out there, each with their own recommended method of use. Be sure to read any instructions on the packaging of your hair treatment to get the most out of your hair.

Check out our guide to the best hair treatments for some inspiration to give your hair some extra TLC!

What's a hair serum?

Say hello to serums, the perfect addition to your hair treatment routine with major benefits! Reigning as the (unofficial) Queen of the hair care realm, hair serums are silicone-based styling products that hydrate, smooth frizz and control flyaways. Unlike hair masks that penetrate your locks, serums simply coat the surface of your hair, protecting your strands from pollution and heat damage.

What's hair oil?

While no one wants greasy hair, hair oil is a key product to keep your locks healthy and strong! Regardless of your hair type, introducing a hair oil into your regular routine will keep your hair shiny, smooth and hydrated (talk about #hairgoals!). With plenty of different hair oils available, consider your hair type before selecting a product. Have curly, dry or dull hair? Find an oil to add extra shine! What about those with naturally fine, straight hair? Select a lighter oil for optimal softness. 

Browse our range of hair serums & oils. 

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